About us

The First chamber music festival was held in September 2018 in Novi Sad. Its establishment was initiated the same year by Novi Sad’s artists Ksenija Mijatović Korom and Veronika Antunović Marić together with eminent Italian conductor Gianluca Marcianó. The idea of the Chamber music festival is the promotion of music making as a group, as well as the promotion of chamber ensembles which have functioned as a whole for many years and support the basic idea of the festival. Novi Sad will be, during the festival, regional but also European center of this kind of music promotion.


Production Association Novi Sad Wind Quintet
Executive Directors Veronika Antunović Marić
Ksenija Mijatović Korom
Artistic Director Gianluca Marcianó
Translation / Social media manager Andrea Marković
Video production Aleksandar Korom / Lumos Media
Audio production Aleksandar Korom / Lumos Media
Radio Novi Sad
Photo  Milan Babić, Srđan Doroški

Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities
City Council for Culture, Novi Sad


Lumos Media, Novi Sad
Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad
Music School “Isidor Bajić” Novi Sad
Competition “Festival Isidor Bajić”
Radio-television of Vojvodina
Cultural Station Svilara, Novi Sad
Cultural Centre of  Novi Sad
Gallery of Matica srpska, Novi Sad
Gallery “Sava Šumanović” Šid
Printing office “Daniel print plus” Novi Sad
Winery Šijački, Banoštor
BB Minaqua, Novi Sad
Bratscher Custom Shoes, Novi Sad
SMS Music, Novi Sad
Muzika Klasika, Beograd